The USDA offices will relocate to Martindale Plaza within 120 days, a move which will free up office space on the western end of the Dale County Government Building.

What to do with that space will be the topic of discussion for Dale County commissioners, Commission Chairman Probate Judge Eunice Hagler told them at a meeting Monday evening.

The Dale County USDA had leased the building since 1996. Their lease for Dale County¹s USDA services ­ which include a little more than 5,000 square feet of offices for rural development, the Farm Services Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service ­ expired last year and had been renewed on a month-to-month basis.

The USDA had recently advertised their request for bids on location to house their offices and the commission had submitted a bid but it was not the bid accepted, county attorney Henry Steagall told them Monday.

The bid from Martindale Plaza was for $14.45 a square foot, Steagall said.

Steagall had said previously that a renegotiated rent would likely be ³financially advantageous² for the county. That money would likely go toward paying off the bond issue used to construct the government building, Steagall said.

Monday he said the commission should view losing the USDA contract in a positive light, viewing it as a golden opportunity to move other county offices into that space.


  • M1 Support Services - Aviation Maintenance
  • Michelin-Dothan - Tire Manufacturing
  • Dale County Schools - Education
  • Dale Medical Center - Hospital Services
  • Commercial Jet - Aviation Maintenance
  • Ozark City Schools - Education
  • Covan International, Inc. - Headquarters and Distribution
  • Wiregrass Construction - Asphalt
  • General Dynamics - Aviation Simulation
  • E & H Steel Corporation - Structural Steel Fabrication


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