New High School Opens in Ozark

Ozark students have first day in new school

OZARK — April Fools’ Day came and went with no significant hiccups for students attending their first full day of classes in the new Carroll High School facility.

Ozark City Schools Superintendent Mike Lenhart said a couple problems with computers and swipe keys happened Monday as students navigated through the new building for classes, but he said nothing unusual took place for a first day in a new facility.

“We were expecting a few hiccups here and there but there was really nothing too significant that went wrong,” he said.

“The students were excited. Not one of them had the same thing to say about what they liked most about their new school.”

The projected start date to open the new building had been in place for several months as the facility neared completion. Construction began in 2011 after the Ozark City Schools District received a $22,074,000 Qualified School Construction Bond for the project three years ago.

School officials said new technology, new furniture, additional complexes and safety measures are among the differences between the new school and the old CHS facility that opened in 1955. Officials said state-of-the-art instruction through the high school’s new academy structure has also been implemented to prepare students for some of the most popular and rigorous careers in today’s economy.

Lenhart said principals from other schools went through the old facility to salvage any equipment that can be used at other locations throughout the district, such as SMART Boards that are expected to be used in each room at D.A. Smith Middle School.

Lenhart said the remaining items in the old building will either be auctioned on or sold during what he called a “yard sale” within the month.

Lenhart said the old facility will then be turned over to a construction company for demolition and the vacant space used for parking.

The 600 hall of the old building is expected to be used for the district’s standalone alternative school, the Opportunity Academy.


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